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Peterborough man wins £35,000 in Veterans’ Lottery Draw

Ross Beddows, from Peterborough, not only bagged the £5,000 first prize in the December Veteran's Lottery draw, but also secured the £30,000 rollover to start 2022 with a real bang.
Ross Beddows wins £35,000 in the Veterans' Lottery

“It was New Year’s Eve when I got the call,” explained Ross.

“I didn’t actually pick up the first time, but when the call came back 20 minutes later and I answered it, I couldn’t believe it. It’s amazing.”

Incredibly, December’s draw was only Ross’ second as a player of the Veterans’ Lottery and his motivation for signing up is one that’s very close to home.

“I’ve got family members who are veterans, including one that has PTSD, so I’ve seen them struggle,” said Ross.

“I know how hard it is for them to get through without any help.”

But it’s not only the veterans who have struggled.  As a painter and decorator, COVID has had a big impact on both his and his wife’s work in recent times, so this win was most welcome.

“With the pandemic, me being self-employed and my partner working in the pub industry, it’s set us back a bit as well, so this couldn’t have come at a better time,” Ross explained.

“If I could describe winning the Veterans’ Lottery in one word, it would be ‘unbelievable.’”

Ross plans to use the money to pay off some debts and take the family on a holiday – a new shed and a laptop for his daughter are also on his list if there’s enough left over.