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Demolition of Peterborough Market car park almost complete

The deconstruction of the Peterborough City Market car park has continued during lockdown – and now it's almost complete.
Market Car Park 1
The market car park has almost completely gone (photo: Toby Wood)

It was decided in July 2019 that the market car park in Peterborough's City Centre was unfit for use. 

Months after it closed, in November 2019, demolition work started, and seven months later, it's nearing completion. 

In photos taken this morning by Toby Wood, we can see the car park on ground level, with mere rubble surrounding the area. 


Market Car Park 2It has been closed since July 2019 (photo: Toby Wood)

Peterborough City Council confirmed their workmen would continue to demolish the car park during lockdown. 

They said: "The deconstruction of Northminster car park is continuing as planned for the time being in accordance with guidance from Public Health England to ensure all work is carried out safely. 

"However, we are regularly reviewing the situation and will announce any updates in due course."


Market Car Park 3Work has been ongoing during the country-wide lockdown (photo: Toby Wood)

Shortly after the announcement, there was confusion as to whether those who work on the market would continue, or whether the market would close, but those who have a pitch are still pushing forward.

The speculation that the market would close, the blocked off pathways and demolition of the car park has affected footfall, though locals are doing their best to remind customers that they are still there. 

Trade may have dropped on the market, but new businesses have launched in attempt to revitalise the area, including Maverick Flavours, who have made conscious efforts to bring people back to the market.