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Gift box business launches as mum started maternity leave

Alix Beecroft has launched a new business during the lockdown period while she was off work on maternity leave.
Alix Beecroft
Alix launched her business during maternity leave (photo: Alix Beecroft)

The Gift Inbox launched after having her second baby, and after launching AllyBeeCrafts following the birth of her son, Alix had the confidence to grow her new business and brought them together. 

She said: "I had the idea after making various boxes for friends and family as birthday, new baby and Christmas gifts and I thought it might be a good business idea.

"I want it to continue going forward so I can eventually work from home and be around for sports days, and first days at school. The sensory boxes are my favourite, with my little boy I had no idea about sensory play but this time have come to really enjoy it with my little girl Bella, the boxes come in various sizes and colour schemes and can be personalized and customised – they all come with a play guide for various play ideas and other sensory item ideas.

"Eventually I will be doing themed subscription boxes monthly. We also do mum-to-be hospital ready boxes, new mum pamper boxes, first birthday boxes, Christmas Eve boxes and hen and bride boxes along with some others in the works.

"Our newest box is the pick-me-up box which was inspired by one of our friends who unfortunately has to shield. He has been feeling quite down so we have made a box of all his favourite treats and listed them out in an email style inbox list with personalised note using our cricut machine and instructions on re-filling, re-wrapping and passing the parcel on so it's one big game of pass the parcel to pick others up too." 

Business has been going well for Alix during lockdown and she's hoping to see a spike as things start to change and the lockdown period continues to lift. 

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