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Over 380 October babies welcomed at Peterborough City Hospital

Peterborough City Hospital has shared its maternity statistics for October, welcoming 386 arrivals.
October 2 was the busiest day for births at Peterborough City Hospital (Photo: Pexels)

Of these births, 201 were boys and 185 were girls, meaning October is the seventh consecutive month where more boys have been born Peterborough than girls.

The busiest days for births was October 2, with 20 births on that day.

There were five sets of twin babies born, but no sets of triplets.

The majority of births were on the maternity unit at PCH, but 59 babies were born in the Midwifery Led Birthing Unit, five were born at home and 10 women opted for water births.

Emergency c-sections accounted for 16% of births. Elective c-sections comprised 14.5%, and assisted birth was 10.2%.

The level of one-to-one care reached, where a woman is cared for by a midwife who is only looking after her, was 99.1%, up a percentage point from last month.

The shared graphics also include Hinchingbrooke Hospital birth statistics, with 154 babies born in the Huntingdon hospital.