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What you've said: June 22 to 28

Our weekly roundup from Facebook and Twitter, what you've been saying to us, about us, with us. Includes more Vivacity discussion, a request for those returning to pubs on Saturday and can ogres get COVID-19?
Some of our social media comments from yesterday (Photo: Pixabay)
Justified gripe of the week goes to Joanna Bacon, who was responding to our story about bags being left outside of closed charity shops. Not every charity shop has been able to open - and leaving donations outside those that are closed doesn't work. The stuff is no good to anyone once it's been rained on and it doesn't keep our streets tidy.
Peterborough independents are seeking a swell of support as we come out of lockdown, and Addi shared our story about some of the local retailers people should pay a visit to with her message.
So many questions still remain about what will happen to the Vivacity services across the city once the council take them back. We published a comment piece stressing the importance of everything the charity did for Peterborough, and it sparked some real love for the positives it brought. Anyone who wants to share their story about what the libraries, gyms, theatre, museum, heritage sites did for them should reach out to us so we can share:
The big news this week was that pubs, hair salons and restaurants (among other things) have been given the go-ahead to re-open on July 4. This has, understandably, been met with divided opinions - some feel it's too soon and some are itching to get back out. Nicola's view was notable in that she said she's staying in but raised a glass to everyone planning their trips to restaurants or pubs. Or technically she asked them to raise a glass to her. Pay heed, Peterborough pub-goers.
And finally, as news broke that the Peterborough PODS production of Shrek: The Musical is postponed until 2022 due to coronavirus, Clive slid in with a funny one. All fairytale creatures need to be careful!