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Rain warning issued for Sunday after mid-September warm weather days

The Met Office forecasts sunshine for the rest of today and tomorrow - but a weather warning has been issued for Sunday.
Heavy rain is forecast for Peterborough on Sunday September 19 (Picture: Pixabay)

Friday may have started cloudy, but sunny intervals should arrive into the afternoon. The mercury is likely to hit 20C before 4pm, although a light breeze may keep it feeling like its 18C or 19C.

The first day of the weekend is predicted to be slightly less sunny, but with highs of around 22C.

A warning for heavy rain has been issued for Peterborough on Sunday, with the Met Office forecasting that showers will arrive in the afternoon after an overcast morning. Temperatures should still be settled around 20C but are likely to drop into the teens next week, as the autumn equinox approaches.

A Met Office spokesperson said: “The heavier rain is expected to move eastwards across the day, becoming slow moving across the east later on in the day.

“There is a chance of thunderstorms also and 30-40mm totals over a few hours is possible.

“There is a yellow warning for rain in force from midday to midnight on Sunday, running up the east coast of England. There is a small chance of localised flooding from those heavy showers.”