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Nene Park plant new elm trees at Ferry Meadows

Nene Park has planted three new hybrid elm trees outside the visitor centre in Ferry Meadows.
New elm trees 2
Nene Park have planted new trees

The team announced that three new hybrid elm trees have now been planted in front of the Visitor Centre in Ferry Meadows, replacing the veteran elms which had to be felled last year due to Dutch elm disease.

On their website, they said: "The trees planted are called Ulmus Dodoens, a hybrid variety of elm tree. A hybrid tree is the result of cross-pollinating two different tree varieties, which is how these new varieties of elm can be created with a good resistance to Dutch elm disease.

"The trees will grow to a height of 20+ metres and will have fantastic autumn colours. The leaves will turn to a yellow/golden colour before they drop.  

"We are looking forward to watching these trees grow and flourish in the years to come and become just as magnificent as their veteran predecessors."