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Plans approved for construction of two new schools

Plans for the construction of a new secondary school, primary school, and nursery school have been approved by Peterborough City Council, with construction expected to begin in February 2021.
Paston school
The site for the new free schools in Paston. Photo: Google Maps

Peterborough City Council (PCC) have approved plans for the new school based at the Paston Reserve, in Peterborough. 

The purpose of the new academy, according to documents submitted to PCC, is to provide school spaces for children in the Paston Reserve development area, and to make up for the predicted shortfall areas of Walton, Paston, Gunthorpe and Werrington. 

In the documents, it states a planning application was submitted in 2018 to provide a two form of entry extension to Ken Stimpson Secondary School to make up the shortfall in secondary education places. 

However, they soon assessed that it would not be sufficient to accommodate all of the shortfall in the areas above, including Paston Reserve. Therefore, a comprehensive academy development application was submitted to consist of a two form of entry Primary School (446 pupils), a six form of entry Secondary School (900 pupils) and a pre-school nursery (26 places). 

It is expected that construction will start in February 2021 with an opening date of September 2022 for the primary school, and a year later for the secondary.

The Four Cs Multi Academy Trust (MAT) was formed in 2016, when Arthur Mellows Village College (secondary) and Fulbridge Academy (primary),combined with a common interest in improving the standards of education for all students in Peterborough

A statement in the planning application reads: "The Four Cs MAT has been successful with a Free School bid to build and manage a new primary school called Manor Drive Primary Academy and a new secondary school called Manor Drive Secondary Academy.

It adds: "The secondary school will share a lot in common with Arthur Mellows Village College and Manor Drive Primary Academy; its values, its standards and its aspirations for learning and student achievement.

"It is our aim to ensure that the local community is able to benefit from our new facilities and in this regard the Trust are committed to allow community access to facilities outside of school hours and the layout has been designed in a way that will allow separate access without a requirement to open up the whole of the new academy buildings."

In terms of transport and site location, it is expected that the primary school and pre-school facilities would specifically serve the Paston Reserve residential and therefore would not generate any additional trips.

The secondary school, however, would generate students from areas west of the A15 and north of the A47 and therefore would generate external trips. The Local education Authority have advised that 50% of places would be allocated to students from the Paston Reserve development with the remaining 50% being allocated to the existing residential areas to the west of the A15.