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Nine things you're saying about... the Lincoln Road improvements

Peterborough City Council last week revealed its plans to upgrade Lincoln Road with a £4.4m investment.
Lincoln Road 2-
What are readers saying about the plans for Lincoln Road's regeneration? (Photo: Shariqua Ahmed)

Each improvement is planned to make the area easier and more attractive to spend time in, to walk and cycle around and to support the health and wellbeing of residents, shoppers and visitors.

The changes, made possible thanks to the government's Towns Fund and £1.9m from Peterborough City Council, will be made between Windmill Street and Searjeant Street.

The area has been in need of investment for some time – in March 2017, the council's medium term financial strategy covering 2017/18 to 2026/27 included the provision of £7.5m to target issues in the Gladstone, Millfield and New England neighbourhoods.

In September 2020 the council said £663,000 of the £7.5m had been spent on various projects.

But what do readers think of the updated proposals for developing Millfield?

Many were unconvinced, with Steve Taylor scathing in his contribution: "You can dress it up as much as you like and spend millions on it but it's the people that make it what it is and the way it is now there needs to be a huge culture change in the whole of Peterborough to make it a good city again."

Sarah Willmore was also sceptical, commenting: "What is the point, it is a free for all, with double parking, no consideration for anyone else, walking down that area feels unsafe, cycling on the pavement, Barclays bank closed, no post office, the authorities do nothing, I could go on."

Sue Morris got in touch to say: "Artist's impressions are always showing what things could look like on a nice day in high summer. I think they should be challenged to imagine a wet day in December or January."

Jen Baxter wasn't impressed with the prospect of new cafes and dining places, declaring there are too many cafes in the area already.

Some additional recommendations came from Greg Bird, who suggested moving the bus depot to "use the space for car parking". He also said cameras should be installed "to dish out zero tolerance on double parking".

There was reminiscing  Chris O'Connell asked who remembered The Crown to Town pub crawl of days gone by  but he didn't hold back on his opinion about the way the area had changed: "Papering over the cracks won't solve anything. It needs bulldozing and replanning."

Becky Owen-Fisher was disheartened by some of the reaction to the plans, saying: "Some time and money spent on Lincoln Road would do wonders. There's no respect for the area from residents because it's been given no respect by the authorities. Certainly those of us that live, shop and work there will be extremely grateful for some regeneration in this long-forgotten area."

And Phillip Pilipovic agreed, saying: "I live in Millfield, too, and these views are not new. I can remember hearing very similar comments 40 years ago. There are many worse places in Peterborough in which to live."

But Al Gage had some questions about funding for the other parts of Peterborough, writing: "What about all the other areas of Peterborough where communities try to make things better, volunteers get out and litter pick, help neighbours etc. Where's our funding for these areas? Bretton is in desperate need for funding, yet we don't see any funds coming our way."

The Towns Fund awarded almost £23m to help revitalise Peterborough, with allocations planned for other parts of the city.