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Poll Results: Are you using Peterborough's play parks?

Not all play parks across Peterborough have reopened after government guidance allowed for it from July 4 - but are parents choosing to use the ones that are available?
Bourges play area during lockdown
The results from our poll about the use of Peterborough play parks were very varied (Photo: John Baker)

The results were close - so close that it's too hard to declare a majority opinion!

A quarter of those who responded to our poll ruled themselves out on account of not having children (nobody admitted to using them as adults, but considering the circumstances that might be for the best).


A further 27% of people said that they were not using the play parks yet, because they didn't feel they were safe.

Just over 23% of people said that they were using the play parks, but only when they weren't busy so that social distancing was more likely to be maintained. Poppy Palla shared her first experience back at the Ferry Meadows sites with us on Facebook, writing: "Today was the first time... and that was at Ferry Meadows. [To be honest] I think the risk of playing outdoors is lower than going shopping with people breathing down your neck and invading your space!"

Almost 20% of people said they absolutely were using the parks - their kids needed to use up all their excess energy!

The final 5% of people said that they weren't yet using the play areas, but would when their local council operated site reopened.

Council-run play areas have been closed since lockdown began, and a spokesperson for the council said today that there was no further update on when they might be open again. They said: "We are reviewing the situation for all Council play areas, and hope to have an update soon. 

"In the meantime, we ask people not to use the play areas that are closed as there are no measures in place currently which make them COVID-safe. 

"We do want to be able to open all play areas as soon as possible but we have to make sure that we are following the government guidance and considering the impact this could have on the community transmission of coronavirus."