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How Friends of Central Park have invested in wildlife over the lockdown

Over the winter lockdown, the Friends of Central Park group purchased a range of animal habitats to home the wild animals that live in and around the park.
Some of the wildlife habitats have been installed near the Central Park roundabout (Photo:

These new homes have been put in place by the Peterborough Parks team, supported by Aragon Services.

Five hedgehog barns have been hidden within bushes – to provide safe spaces for hedgehogs to rear a new batch of hoglets and then to fill with autumn leaves for a comfortable winter hibernation.

Nine solitary bee homes have been lined up in the sensory garden. These animals will help pollinate the flowers and are not capable of stinging, so are great for busy visitor spaces.

As well as those, five multi-species bird nesting boxes have been placed three metres off the ground for nesting, laying eggs and bringing on a brood. Most are close to the central roundabout.

Also near the roundabout and café are five bat boxes in two different styles – one of which has already attracted attention from some blue tits. The Parks team knows that bats have been detected in Central Park, but hope that the new nesting boxes will mean some take up residence.

Paul Hetherington, director of fundraising and communications at BUGLIFE, said in the newsletter for Friends of Central Park: "It will be great to see the new year unfold and find out how soon these new starter homes for wildlife are moved into. 

"Please remember these are homes for wild animals so keep your distance so as not to disturb them but do enjoy our wonderful wildlife a key component in making our park a special place to go."