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Extra police patrols for England Euro 2020 matches

Pubs and other areas in the city centre will see an increased police presence in preparation for England's Euro 2020 matches to hope they pass off peacefully without incidents.
England Euro 2020 matches will see extra police patrols

Officers are working with pubs and partner agencies including local authorities and the Crown Prosecution Service to prevent any problems and take action if necessary.

There have been falls in the number of football related incidents in Cambridgeshire during major football tournaments and in recent years.

However, incidents of anti-social behaviour that are reported are mostly around higher profile matches involving England.

Superintendent Laura Hunt said: "Our priority is public safety and we want everyone who goes out to watch an England match to do so without fear of violence or anti-social behaviour.

"There will be a friendly police presence and we hope people enjoy watching the games while drinking sensibly but any anti-social or illegal behaviour will be dealt with robustly.

"We are working with pubs and officers will take action to nip potential problems in the bud.

"Anyone who has concerns about a football-related event or potential public order problems should not hesitate to contact police on 101.”

Officers will visit pubs and bars to ensure they are complying with their licensing obligations, including not selling alcohol to those who are drunk, and will be able to remove people if they believe they could commit crime or cause disorder. 

They will also confiscate alcohol from children or from anyone drinking it in areas covered by a Designated Public Places Order.  

Police, pubs, clubs and CCTV in Cambridge, Ely and Peterborough will be on a shared communications network enabling them to identify those in the area causing trouble and refuse entry.