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Poll Results: Are you supportive of the Embankment development proposals?

Peterborough Embankment is getting some rejuvenation - or ruination, depending on who you ask. And we did ask our Peterborough Matters readers what they thought about the development proposals.
The proposed location for the new Posh stadium - but what do Peterborough Matters readers think of the Embankment projects? (Photo: Supplied)

Most people, although not a majority at 49%, said that they did not support the proposals and that the Embankment should be kept a green space.

Not too far away, though, were the keen supporters: 31.5% of people who took part in our poll said that they couldn't wait for the whole project.

For 14% of people, the university project was supported but not the football stadium. Those who felt the opposite - that the football stadium was a good idea but the university was not - made up only 1.5% of the vote.

Finally, 4% of respondents to our poll said they didn't know how they felt about the development proposals.


When it came to social media, opinions were clearly divided. Some felt that while they supported building both a university and a stadium, they shouldn't be done in the Embankment green space. This, said Bernidette Geldart, is a great space for pop-up events such as the circus, fairs, concerts and, of course, Peterborough's annual beer festival.

Others pointed out that these events can still continue to happen alongside the developments and that both the university and the stadium will bring more to the city. Suze Faulkner commented: "For the city to continue then developing spaces to attract new visitors is needed. Many city's developed their river banks, London, Nottingham, Manchester to name a few. However with all modernisation there has to be compromise between the old and new."

Plans are still to be approved for both proposals - although the Peterborough United stadium is projecting a January 2023 opening and the university is hoping to welcome its first cohort of 2,000 students in 2022.