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Poll Results: Where would you like to see Peterborough City Market?

With the demolition of Northminster car park and a flurry of changes planned to the city centre, the location of Peterborough City Market has been a question asked by many and answered by few. We asked where people would like to see it.
Westgate House is the most popular choice for the location of Peterborough City Market

With over 50% of the vote, Westgate House (the Beales department store building) is the location of choice for the market. This proposal has been put forward by Peterborough Civic Society and has a lot of public support, especially as it is a covered building and so could be used throughout the year.

Nearly 28% of respondents said Cathedral Square would be the best place to situate the market. It's a very central location, and works well for the passing markets, such as the annual Christmas celebrations and the vegan market offerings. Some thought that using this location would increase footfall in the town centre.

Almost 14% of people said that it would be preferable for the market to stay where it is. It's under cover with a variety of traders selling a range of items, despite the loss of the parking nearby.

The answer for 3.5% of voters was 'nowhere - we don't need a market', while 2.5% chose 'somewhere else'.

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