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Poll Results: Do you think the current lockdown will end as planned on December 2nd?

Lockdown is set to come to an end on December 2 - in time for Christmas shopping and a haircut for the festive season - but do Peterborough Matters readers think it'll end when planned?
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The first lockdown ended in July - but do people believe the second will end in December? (Photo: Martyn Moore)
Most people who took part in our poll said that they do not think that the current lockdown will end as planned on December 2 - although there was a split in optimism. Nearly 47% of people said that they felt it would be over by Christmas, but 26% of people said that restrictions wouldn't be lifted until springtime.
14% of respondents said that they think the lockdown will be lifted as promised on December 2.
A larger percentage of people than usual said they didn't know - 12.5% weren't willing to guess as to when lockdown might be over.
It would seem that there is more pressure to end the lockdown this time - partly for the economy but also because families want to know if they can be together for Christmas.
At the beginning of the second lockdown, Prime Minister Boris Johnson insisted that four weeks would be enough to drive down the spread of Covid-19 so that restrictions could be eased again.
This messaging has not changed, however Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick said on November 17 that while ministers want to see a "significant easing" of coronavirus controls on December 2, tighter controls may be needed in the top Tier 3.
Documents released last week from the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Modelling (SPI-M), which reports to the Scientific Advisory Committee for Emergencies (Sage), said that strict Tier 3 interventions had a "clear effect" on infection rates, while Tiers 1 and 2 showed much less of an impact. The belief from SPI-M is that infections will rise at the same rate as before if the same tier system is brought back after lockdown.
This week, British Chambers of Commerce director-general Adam Marshall said: "Nine months into the pandemic, business communities are still crying out for timely information and a clear strategy from government so that they can survive and rebuild.
"Delays and imprecision mean people lose their livelihoods. Firms are taking difficult decisions every day about their futures, and are tired of being left to rely on speculation and rumour.
"The government must urgently set out the exit plan for the end of national restrictions in England on December 2 and make it crystal clear which businesses can operate, and under what conditions."
Comments on our Facebook page suggest that the official end of the lockdown may not even matter to people. James Morgan thinks "that people will make their own decisions as the whole thing is a shambles" and this was echoed by James Hayes, who wrote: "People have lost confidence in the government knowing what they are doing and so are now deciding for themselves."