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Poll Results: Do you support the proposal to restrict vehicles on Cowgate?

The proposal to restrict vehicles on Cowgate to allow more space for pedestrians and cyclists has overwhelming approval, according to our poll for the Peterborough Cycling Forum.
Over 75% of people support the plans to make Cowgate safer for pedestrians and cyclists

Over 75% of people said that they support the plans to make Cowgate accessible only for vehicles associated with businesses located on the city centre street.

Respondents who didn't support the plans made up 21% of the votes, with 3% of people saying they didn't know.

The council announced that from June 15 it was temporarily suspending parking bays on Cowgate to allow for more room for pedestrians and cyclists. This is due to Covid-19 social distancing guidelines - but Peterborough Cycling Forum would like to see it become a permanent change.

Our poll for this weekend is about the big Vivacity news from yesterday: Which service are you most concerned about in light of Vivacity terminating its contract with the council?