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Poll results: How do you feel about the schools reopening?

With schools opening their doors again next week, we asked Peterborough Matters readers what they think about students going back.
poll resultsschools opening
We asked Peterborough Matters readers how they feel about schools reopening

Schools closed in March following a national lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, and excluding children of key workers, students have been at home since March. 

GCSE's and A Levels were cancelled, with students receiving their grades based on predictions, but as the new academic year begins, children will be back in their classrooms. 

We asked our readers what they thought of schools reopening next week, and of 189 people that answered, 56.61% said schools should be reopening, but they're still concerned about schools opening. 

Meanwhile, 29.1% of people said they weren't worried about coronavirus and was very comfortable. 

Very few people didn't know, with just 2.65% of the votes saying they were unsure, while 11.64% of people said they didn't think schools should be reopening.