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Poll Results: Do you think Peterborough should be in Tier 1, 2 or 3?

A new three-tier system of coronavirus restrictions began last Wednesday, but where do the people in Peterborough think the city fits in?
Cowgate, Peterborough
As more cities accept harsher restrictions due to rising Covid rates, what level do the people of Peterborough think the city should be in? (Photo: John Baker)

Over 50% said Tier 1, as the local rate is lower than the high risk North West cities. This is the tier that Peterborough is currently in, often referred to as Medium.

For 32.3% of respondents, the restrictions should be slightly higher at Tier 2. The view was that stricter restrictions may keep the rate down and prevent it getting worse.

Nearly 14% of people said that the city should be in Tier 3; they held the opinion that keeping the rate down requires much stricter restrictions, to the Very High level.

Around 3.4% of people said they didn't know.


Nationwide restrictions apply in Tier 1, which means people can meet in a group of up to six people from multiple households either indoors or outdoors, while pubs, bars and restaurants must close at 10pm.

Under the Tier 2 restrictions, people cannot meet with anyone they do not live with indoors unless they are part of a support bubble, while the rule of six applies for socialising outside.

The most severe level of restrictions, Tier 3, means people cannot socialise with anyone outside their household in any indoor and many outdoor settings. Pubs and bars are forced to close unless they can operate as a restaurant.

On social media, Peterborough Matters readers were vocal - on both sides! Some, like Steve Patterson, wrote that they disagree with all restrictions and feel the rise in cases is due to increased testing. Others, like Jon Wilcox, wrote: "Shouldn't be a tier system, the government should have locked down the country like in March, and extended furlough to include those self employed. New Zealand is Covid-19 free, and they're an island nation too."