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Prisoners scanned for signs of coronavirus thanks to local business

Prisoners and those brought into custody at Peterborough's Thorpe Wood Police Station are being scanned for signs of coronavirus.
Police coronavirus scanner
Prisoners and those brought into custody at Thorpe Wood are being scanned for signs of coronavirus (photo: Cambridgeshire Constabulary)

Those brought into Thorpe Wood Police Station are now being scanned for signs of Covid-19 through use of a sophisticated heat imaging scanner.

The contactless temperature measurement system has been donated to Cambridgeshire Constabulary by Chris Christophi of city-based Ace4cctv.

Chris – a Safe Local Trades member for over 12 years – has been inundated with inquiries about security and scanning equipment from businesses and owners of commercial premises, including the hospitality industry, as lockdown restrictions continue to ease, and people return to work.

The scanner uses thermal imaging to detect a high temperature, one of the main symptoms of coronavirus.

As well as helping to protect business owners and their workforce, the system is now in use at the city’s police station; where until only a few days ago, those coming into the custody suite were having their temperature taken manually.

Chris said: "Up until the installation of this highly effective scanner, police have been taking prisoners temperatures manually, which meant they had to get up close. However, with this completely contactless method they can ensure that the correct procedures are more stringently adhered to.

"Should anyone show signs of a high temperature, they can be placed in a designated part of the cell block until medical advice is received."

Custody Sergeant Graham Clifton said: "We know that Covid-19 doesn’t discriminate – and we are grateful to Chris for his very generous donation as part of the collective efforts to keep police staff and those in custody as safe as possible."

As well as coronavirus or other viruses, high temperatures detected by the scanner could be as a use of cocaine misuse, which can cause users to sweat as the drug increases the body’s metabolism and raises its temperature.

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