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QKA gives students option to sit January exams

Students of Queen Katharine Academy have been informed that they can still sit their upcoming BTEC and vocational exams in January if they choose to.
QKA give students the option to sit January exams if they wish. Picture Courtesy: Queen Katharine Academy

Exams that were originally due to go ahead in summer 2021 have been replaced with teacher assessments, but Queen Katharine Academy wants to "maximise the learner's choice and outcomes". 

A letter addressed to parents and carers from Principal Lyn Mayes says: "The original guidance was that all students sitting BTEC and vocational exams in January should go ahead as planned. However, as the situation has developed, so too has our response.

"As a centre we will always look to maximise our learner's choice and outcomes and as a result of this announcement students will now have two options with respect to their upcoming BTEC and vocational examinations in January."

Ms Mayes explained in the letter that students can sit their exam according to their exam timetable as planned if they wish, adding that "many students have worked very hard in preparation for these exams and will feel the desire to prove their ability in this way." 

The second option is to be awarded the teacher assessed grade in due course, adding that "some students may feel that their teacher assessment over time may give them a more accurate reflection of their ability", explaining that some students may view this as the preferred option. 

If students wish to continue with the assessed grade, they do not need to arrive for the exam. 

Students have been reassured that no learner will be disadvantaged in either scenario and it will be down to a personal decision by students based on their own circumstances. 

Ms Mayes reassured parents and carers that students will be supported and backed by the academy with whichever decision they choose to make.