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Which restaurants want to extend their outdoor seating?

Restaurants have been given the option to apply for a pavement licence as part of Peterborough's move towards a new Cafe Culture – and several city centre favourites have already started the process
Nando's is one of the restaurants who have applied for the pavement licence

The new 'cafe culture' drive will launch in Peterborough as restrictions begin to ease from April 12, and many restaurants which otherwise wouldn't have been able to operate will be able to serve an adequate number of customers. 

So far, several restaurants and cafe's have applied for the licence including: 

  • The Queen's Head
  • Five Guys
  • Prezzo
  • Pizza Express
  • Blind Tiger 
  • Nando's
  • Bean Around BE.AR and The Lightbox Cafe will also be hosting an outdoor seating area as part of the cafe culture. 

Blind Tiger is a new venue which will replace TAMU, with acting as a cafe in the morning and moving to cocktails, wine and specialised craft ale from 12pm to 10pm in the evening. They're hoping to open in mid-May, so their licence wouldn't begin until then. 

Peterborough City Council are still encouraging more people to apply for a licence ahead of the further easing of lockdown restrictions on April 12. 

In response to Covid-19 the government introduced the Business and Planning Act 2020 to promote economic recovery and growth in the hospitality industry. This means that businesses which meet the qualifying criteria can take advantage of a new fast-track application process for a pavement licence to set up removable furniture outside of their premises.

The fast-track process (with approvals given in just 14 days) has been introduced for restaurants, bars and pubs to apply for a pavement licence without the need for planning permission. A pavement licence, when granted, allows the licence holder to place removable furniture on pavements and streets outside the building.

A pavement licence does not give permission for those who do not hold a premises licence under the Licensing Act 2003 to serve or sell alcohol or provide regulated entertainment.

The new pavement licence is temporary, with all licences expiring on or before September 30 2021.

For more information on how to apply for a pavement licence and on the qualifying criteria click here.