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Sacrewell Farm given green light to stay open

Sacrewell Farm may be closing their shops, but the public areas will remain open for individuals or households to use for outdoor exercise and recreation.
Sacrewell Farm9
Sacrewell Farm has been given the green light to stay open (photo: Carly Beech)

The shops, indoor play centre and rare breed animal areas will be closed until December. 

However, as people are encouraged to get exercise and recreation with members of their own household or their bubble, Sacrewell Farm are able to keep some of their outdoor spaces open. 

A spokesman for Sacrewell Farm said: "Helping people to enjoy the countryside is part of our charitable objectives, so while we do not expect to cover our costs by doing this, we feel that we need to play our part by opening our outdoor spaces as much as permitted to support people with their exercise during this challenging time.

"Therefore, after seeking advice, from Saturday November 7 we opened these permitted outdoor spaces at Sacrewell during the lockdown period. All other areas of Sacrewell will, however, need to be closed and restrictions will be in place.

"There will be no admission fee. However, we will be significantly limiting the numbers of people to make sure households are not mixing and strict social distancing can be maintained."

Instead of an admission fee, there will be a car park charge of £10 per vehicle to cover ongoing maintenance costs. A portion of the car park will be reserved each day for annual pass holders who can use the car park free of charge. 

All car parking will need to be pre-booked online and reserved prior to the visit. People will be able to attend during the following session times each day:

  • 9am to 11am
  • 11:30am to 1:30pm
  • 2pm to 4pm

Limited takeaway food and drink will also be available from Origin8 Café.