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'Save John Lewis' petition launched as store closes

Peterborough residents have teamed together to launch a petition in a bid to try and save John Lewis, after bosses announced the closure of the Queensgate branch yesterday, March 24.
'Save John Lewis' petition launched as store closes Photo: John Baker

Within 24 hours a petition was launched in a bid to try and save the Peterborough branch following the announcement of the store's closure. 

The aim is to get to 500 signatures, and the petition at the time of writing has hit 364 signatures already. 

The closure, following a £21m refurbishment just over a year ago, has been deemed "unfathomable" by Emily Wagstaffe, who launched the petition. 

On the Change.Org petition, Emily wrote: "People have been prevented from leaving home to shop for the best part of 12 months. They have had no option than to shop online. Covid has taught us lots, but one thing we've all learnt is never to take social interactions for granted. People need the High Street more than ever to reignite their relationships with friends, families, colleagues and loved ones.

"I am not sure this petition will have any impact but surely give the store and its employees, the locals, the loyal customers, a chance to walk back through the doors, to show their support and ensure they still have shops on the High Street to visit. 

"In a world of where mental health is on the rise we all need safe places to go. John Lewis Peterborough was the heart and soul of the city. So much more than a shopping experience for many."

Emily has encouraged people to get involved with the petition, with the hope that drumming up enough interest will give John Lewis a chance to bounce back. 

To get involved with the petition, click here