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Could snow be coming to Peterborough this week?

Snow could be heading to Peterborough in time for the weekend, according to the Met Office.
Snow could be back in Peterborough this week (Picture: John Baker)

We could see snow multiple times this week, but particularly as we head towards Saturday. 

This morning it is anticipated that heavy rain will fall this morning, but it will get brighter in the East, though it will remain chilly and slightly icy, with a maximum temperature of 5C. 

Snow could be coming to us this evening, with chances of both rain and sleet too. The weather will get bitterly cold this evening, with a risk of frost and fog and a minimum temperature of -4C. 

By tomorrow the fog will start to clear and some sunny spells will appear, early frost will remain likely and winds will get stronger throughout the day. The maximum temperature is 4C. 

"Possibly disruptive" snow could come our way on Saturday, alongside wind and rain, but it should be dry and bright – albeit still cold – by Sunday.