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"Now more than ever, businesses need support" says Stoneworks boss

From tomorrow, November 5, the country will head into a second lockdown which will see non-essential retail, pubs, restaurants and entertainment facilities close their doors.
'Now more than ever, businesses need support' says Stoneworks boss

As many places close from tomorrow, November 5, The Stoneworks Bar will be shutting its doors mere weeks after it opened following the first initial lockdown - and the bar has reminded locals that businesses need help, now more than ever. 

The bar wanted to ensure that they were working in a safe environment when they did open their doors, and they put in effort to ensure that safety measures were put in place. 

Staff at the bar in Cathedral Square said: "Feedback from the customers who rushed to support us in our opening weekend has been extremely positive, far beyond anything we could have hoped.

"Many customers remarked they not only felt safe, but that they also felt like they were back in a bar they have grown to love over the last four years. This gave them a sense of normality they have been unable to achieve since March this year."

They added: "To be back doing what we love, even if it is under the crazy circumstances we find ourselves in, felt great. It felt even better to have our customers agree with our quite unique approach to tackling survival during this time.

"To have that now taken away again so quickly is a bit gutting, but ultimately, The Stoneworks is but a small piece in a much larger puzzle and the greater good should be the focus right now.

"We now have a month to iron out any creases that appeared over the weekend to make the service provision and experience of The Stoneworks even better than it already is when we return."

The Stoneworks bar had a hunch that another lockdown may be coming, so limited their stock immediately in a bid to ensure they didn't waste as much after previously thoring away more than two pallets worth of beer during the initial lockdown. 

Plans were put in place to help them for any future decisions, and their focus is now making it through the next few weeks with hope that they can reopen their doors in a safe way.

The Stoneworks Bar are also showing as much support as they can to other independent businesses, and have encouraged others to get involved and support others where possible.

They added: "All around the country small privately owned businesses are ducking and diving their way through all of this and many are starting to fall by the wayside. It's important now more than ever that the public support their "local". 

"I don't just mean local pub, I mean local everything. The money spent in your local independent shop, bakery, butcher, retail outlet often goes back directly into the local economy ultimately making the city we all live in a better place.

"It may not feel like it currently with all the craziness going on, but there are some massive efforts going into making Peterborough a better place to live. I really hope that the public value the vibrancy that independence brings to a growing city.

"It's businesses like ours and so many others that give a city or town its heart and soul.  Now, more than ever, those businesses need all the support they can get!"