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Teen squash star says modern facilities are 'key to keeping youngsters engaged'

“It's important to find what you are interested in and see what makes you happy "- that's the message from 15-year-old upcoming squash player, Callum McGurk.
Callum McGurk, 15, from Peterborough, says modern facilities will help keep young people engaged in sports

Callum McGurk from Stanground, Peterborough, has been playing squash and racket-ball for the past eight years at the City of Peterborough Sports Club, with his passion on the squash court obvious.

Peterborough Matters caught up with young sportsman at the opening of a new racket-ball court at the club. It's the fifth court to be added to the premises following a fundraiser during lockdown that helped raise £40,000 for the new facility.

Talking about his love for the sport, Callum said: "There’s nothing that compares to squash - it's tough to replicate it somewhere else. I think it’s a very unique sport. 

"Sports in general is really important. It’s important for both physical and mental health. It’s so rewarding. 

"I try and I play every once a night - sometimes every second night. Balancing time with my squash and studies is challenging but I make sure it’s done in the right way. It’s really important. 

"Going forward I would still like sports to be part of my life. But for me, it’s not always about winning - it's about enjoying and getting the reward from it. I believe it’s important to have fun. 

"At the minute, I play for OLIVER - it's a company that provides rackets for the sports. 

"In the future, I want to carry on playing for a team. Playing nationally and locally would be great, so I definitely want to continue. 

"My parents have been very supportive. The people here at the club are great too."

He said he is excited to play on the new court, adding it’s important to offer updated facilities like this. 

"What they have managed to do in lockdown is amazing. It’s a great new addition to the club 

"The city has a lot to offer for young people, but perhaps the facilities need a bit of updating and modernising. They are going to be outdated soon. 

"It’s important to keep them modern and attractive, that's key to keeping younger generations engaged.

"This new court is great and juniors will love it.

"I would like to tell other young people as well; most important thing is to find what you find interesting and what you're passionate about. Make sure you make the most of opportunities."