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When is it too hot to walk your dog?

As the weather in Peterborough continues to get warmer, vet specialist Vets Now has warned dog owners about heat stroke and when to avoid walking your pooch outdoors.
Charlotte's dog Honey
When is it too hot to walk your dog? (photo: Charlotte Moore)

Vets Now has reminded people that heat stroke can kill dogs, with hundreds of cases every year in high heat.

Most incidents take place due to dogs exercising between 8am and 8pm when temperatures are at their highest. 

Vets Now has said that 12-15C is always a safe temperature when it comes to walking your dogs, with 16-19C mostly safe but large, obese and flat-faced breeds should be watched closely. 

From 20-23C is a little riskier - dogs should not be exercised too rigorously, and any pets suffering from an underlying health condition should not be walked. 

Between 24-27C extreme caution should be taken, particularly with large, obese, flat-faced and very young dogs as it will be very uncomfortable. 

28-31C is deemed dangerous for all dogs, but it is life-threatening for larger breeds and puppies as well as dogs who are flat-faced or obese. 

Anything above 31C is a major risk for heat stroke regardless of condition, size or breed. 

Instead, it would be safer to keep your dog indoors, or in shaded areas of the garden at home.