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What can we expect from The Cresset's Pantomime?

This year's pantomime of Jack and The Beanstalk taking place at The Cresset is going to be very different to previous years – but the audience won't be missing out on the laughs.
Pantomime 2020
The cast of the 2020 pantomime at The Cresset will be performing Jack and The Beanstalk (photo: Carly Beech)

The pantomime will be different this year, with a reduced cast and the crew being more involved on stage than ever before – even producer Stuart Morrison has transformed into the writer, director and Daisy the Cow alongside his normal role. 

Stuart has confirmed that there will be lots of dry humour in the Jack and The Beanstalk retelling, particularly surrounding social distancing. He said: "Like all comedy in the UK, you take a dry sense of humour to what's occurring around us; we're definitely incorporating it into the show rather than ignoring it.

"We've had some great help from local businesses that are supplying things for us to use. Anyone who is watching will be watching what we hoped to put on, it will just be shorter than usual at just an hour and 20 minutes with no intervals."

Unfortunately, children won't be able to get involved this year due to coronavirus guidelines, but they're hoping for it to return next year. 

However, not all popular aspects of the show will be taken, and yes – the prince and princess will kiss, but in an unusual way...

Sharing a sneak-peak, Stuart said: "When the prince and princess kiss at one moment, the crew will be coming on with a perspex screen. It's little things like that which we have done to make fun of the not-so-funny situation we are in, the most important thing is to keep everyone safe."

Mike Holloway, who plays the King, said: "It's such a challenging time at the moment, but the team has worked hard to put on a Christmas show, I think everyone is ready for it. We all know we've got to be safe and sensible, but does it mean that we have to see an industry brought to its knees? For me, no. 

"We're all going to help each other stay safe, get the job done and entertain people."

Victoria Jane, who plays Princess Isabelle, added: "To have not worked at all this year and to be given this opportunity it is such an honour. It's one of those times where we need an escapism. We are in the middle of a pandemic and it needs to be taken seriously, but we are going to have a laugh about it as well because we need to bring joy to people."

The show will be running at The Cresset from December 12 to December 24, tickets are available to book here.