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Take a peek at #CelebrateTheFens Day on Twitter

Today is #CelebrateTheFens and I can't put into words how much the landscape and wildlife of the Fens has amazed me throughout my life.
The first Celebrate the Fens Day was virtual, but was well-received! (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Restoration work at the Great Fen has seen many farmland species make their home in the wetlands of the landscape. There are new and rare species arriving, too, with a wide network of monitoring the animals that settle in the Fens.

It's far too hilly anywhere else - the freshest air is here!

Ready for a Fenland fairy story at bedtime tonight? It sounds like it might be a bit of a creepy one...

Wisbech Museum has a video that will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about Fenland butterflies (and you should want to know a lot about Fenland butterflies).

FenSpeak shared a number of literary quotes, poems and book recommendations to #CelebrateTheFens today - check them out for more fascinating history.

Flag Fen Archaeology Site - a Bronze Age causeway estimated to be around 3,500 years old - is such an important place for Peterborough and British history. Claire misses working there - and we miss visiting!

One of Peterborough's favourite poets, Toby Wood, contributes his Fenland Love Poem to the hashtag.

Sugar beet is one of many crops grown out on the Fens - then used by British Sugar to create local produce for us to put in our coffee, tea and cakes.

There were any number of amazing Fenland photos that we could have chosen to share - but you should take a look and see if you think we chose the right one.

Find everything from the day through the link in the tweet!