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Euro 2020: What will the weather be like for England's first game?

The weather has been kind to us over the past couple of weeks, and it seems like it will be no different as we prepare for our first England game of the 2020 Euros.
End of lockdown-02688
Charters beer garden was buzzing when it reopened for the first time post lockdown

Dialling up the temperature to 26C on Sunday (June 13), football fans and beer garden fans alike will be happy to see the sun shining as we (hopefully) prepare for our first win of the Euros against World Cup finalists Croatia.

A scorcher is planned for Sunday, but how is the rest of the week looking? Still pretty golden, according to The Met Office. 

Today we will see highs of 25C, mostly from 2pm to 5pm, and highs of 24C either side. Around midday, highs of 23C are expected, though pollen count is very high.

Pollen count will continue to be very high heading into Friday, but the sun will be a little less prominent, with clouds circulating through most of the day, though highs of 23C remain. 

Hayfever sufferers should be prepared for a challenging weekend too as the pollen count continues to be "very high" according to The Met Office, but the sun will continue to shine throughout the weekend, with highs of 22C. 

On match-day, you'll wake up to a warm morning, with highs of 20C expected at 10am, with the highest temperature of 26C expected by 4pm.