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Share your nature designs for new Werrington underpass mural

Werrington Neighbourhood Council has secured funding to redo the murals at the Cuckoo Hollow underpass and are looking for local opinions and input on what should be depicted.
The current mural, painted eight years ago, has been defaced with graffiti (Photo: Supplied)

This project has been in the works since spring 2019, with Nathan Murdoch of Street Arts Hire agreeing to paint the artwork. The underpass was last painted eight years ago as part of a Frog Life project, but has unfortunately been damaged by graffiti, and the paint is peeling and faded.

Funding for the revamp has been granted by the Cambridgeshire Community Foundation, meaning that attention can now turn to the design of the mural.

The chosen theme is 'Werrington's nature', so Werrington Neighbourhood Council and Street Arts Hire are looking for residents to share what they would like to see from the new murals.

Some questions have been put forward to prompt inspiration:

  • What does Werrington's nature mean to you?
  • What animals have you seen out and about?
  • Which birds do you like?
  • What small creatures need to be included?
  • Which plants and trees do you admire - large and small?

Ideas should be shared on the Werrington Underpass Project Facebook page or email Work is set to start at the end of September.