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Winter beer festival cancelled due to Covid

Peterborough's first winter beer festival has been postponed due to the Covid pandemic.
It's worth catching up with your friends over a drink – but all online! (Photo: Pixabay)

The Soke Fest event was due to be held at the Cresset this weekend but has been postponed at the request of brewers.

Organisers John Lawrence and Steve Williams, who run The Frothblowers micropub in Werrington, said in a joint statement: "It is with great sadness that we have reluctantly taken the decision to postpone Soke Fest until later in the year.

"As all of you will appreciate the current situation with the pandemic and the new variant has caused many venues and events to postpone or cancel their activities, including the much loved local Straw Bear Festival due this month.

Our decision to postpone has been brought about by our concern for public safety. We have had a number discussions with our brewers, some of whom have requested we postpone the event due to their rapidly falling staff levels. The prospect of them operating at an event within an enclosed environment could possibly result in their staff becoming even more depleted, making business more difficult.

Our duty to public safety must be paramount at these unprecedented times and we feel that the risk to our visitors, our loyal supporting brewers and venue staff is just too great in the current climate.

We are currently discussing with the Cresset about how we move forward from this situation. Be rest assured we are committed to holding Soke Fest in the very near future. For those who have purchased tickets for the event, we will be in touch in due course with what options are available to you.