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'Lockdown gave me the opportunity to start a new business'

Chloe Templeman, of Peterborough, has used her spare time during lockdown to build her own baking business.
Chloe Templeman
Chloe cycled 26 miles earlier this year to raise money for Don't Lose Hope - now she's launching her own business (photo: Chloe Templeman)

While some people have remained busy during lockdown, Chloe had more free time, and as a result has launched her baking business. 

After spending years interested in baking, Chloe launched Chloes Bakes to gift to her friends and family, but she has since extended it and has started making sales. 

She said: "It felt so surreal when I sold my first box and officially set it all up, it's crazy how it's all come together. 

"I've been baking for a while, I did Food Technology at school and ever since I’ve found it my go to thing to do when I’m feeling stressed, I found it very therapeutic and I always felt better afterwards.

"I loved being able to be creative and then give my bakes to friends and family made me feel productive and happy putting smiles on others faces through my bakes.

"I’ve ordered the positive quote cards and they’re a mix of inspirational quotes and quotes to make you happy but I will look at getting my own made up further down the line."

She added: "People who know me told me I should start up for ages but I kept putting it off because I enjoyed it as a therapeutic activity, however during lockdown I had more time to bake and practice and I felt like it was the right time to take the plunge and set it up as a business.

"I felt excited when I finally made the decision. I can’t wait to see what the future brings!"

Chloe has not only been worknig on her treat boxes, but she has also been promoting mental health and well-being with treatboxes and cucpcake boxes featuring a positive message inside of the box.

You can find her on Instagram as @cloebakes_ or Facebook under Chloe Bakes.