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Peterborough in furlough: Woman launches motivational podcast

Hannah Stocking, 25, of Fletton Quays, has used her time on furlough to take on a long-held passion – making podcasts.
Hannah Stocking
Hannah has launched her own podcast (photo: Hannah Stocking)

After having a bad experience in a job two years ago which she always assumed would be her 'dream job', she grew a passion for helping others fight to be the best version of themselves. 

Her podcast features various women who are driven by their careers which they love in order to give advice to people who feel stuck in their day jobs, she hopes to inspire them to make changes to ensure happiness. 

Speaking on the decision to launch a podcast, Hannah said: "I'm always listening to podcasts, I’ve been a fan of them for years. 

"I had an extremely difficult experience in my job two years ago. It was supposed to be my ‘dream job’ but  It was a very toxic, nasty atmosphere and I couldn’t tell anyone about it because I worked for someone who is known in the public eye. I used to wake up everyday with terrible sickness because I was so full of anxiety going into work everyday. 

"I eventually left and moved home, I lived in London at the time. I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression and couldn’t work for almost a year. I eventually felt I could get back into work again so I got a job at a local business last April. 

"I started the podcast whilst I’ve been on furlough because I have more time. I'm hoping the conversations that I'm having with these women will inspire people who are in the same position I was in two years ago. I want it to help someone who feels stuck in their job. Life is too short to be miserable at work, so I want to inspire people to dream up their dream jobs, but actually make it happen.

"My podcast will be interviews with women who have careers that they love or their own businesses and it’s all about giving advice to people who feel stuck in their day jobs to inspire them to make a change.

"Lockdown has also meant that the guests are all free to interview, so it’s actually worked out really well."

Hannah's podcast is called The Invent Her Podcast and she has recorded 11 episodes in just two weeks while uploading every Sunday, so she has plenty of content to backdate if necessary.