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Peterborough woman reunites with missing cat after 3 years

Lesley Hawksley lost her cat Oscar in Orton Malborne in 2017 and three years later, earlier this month, she was reunited with her purr-fect pet.
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Lesley searched for Oscar who went missing in Orton Malborne (photo: Peterborough Lost Pets)

In June 2017, a Facebook campaign was launched to find Oscar, with Peterborough's Lost Pets leading the way.

They searched for months around Orton Malborne but they had no luck. However, Lesley still shared her regular pleas to Facebook. 

In May 2020, a woman shared a photo to Peterborough's Lost Pets about a cat that had been visiting her in Orton Waterville, who had broken in through her cat flap to steal her cats food. 

The cat was coming in and meowing for food, so he had a paper collar put on him with "Please call me if this is your cat as I thought it might be lost" tagged on it. 

When a call wasn't received, Oscar was taken to have his microchip scanned and after the initial shock and countless tears, he was reunited with his family. 


Oscar Cat foundOscar was found in May 2020 after three years (photo: Peterborough's Lost Pets)


An overjoyed Lesley said: "Once he came home it was like he had never left. He remembered where his food was kept and he went straight there. 

"I wanted to put a big shout out to the team at Peterborough's Lost Pets. After almost three years, the team have found one of my babies. 

"Oscar, who went missing from Orton Malborne and found many homes in Orton Waterville, finally came home on Wednesday."

She continued: "I'm so grateful to everyone who helped and to the ones who have cared for him and are sending home home. Thank you, and please microchip your babies!" 

The group have since encouraged people not to lose hope when they lose their pets, because in some cases, even three years later, they can come home.