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Community First initiates youth wellbeing project with funding boost

A new project from Peterborough charity Community First is aiming to build relationships with young people in the city to inspire them to become active members of their community.
Young people will get the chance to work with community groups such as Diaspora Arts and Education (Photo:

As part of the NexGen initiative, around 20 young people will be encouraged to participate in arts and wellness projects in Gladstone, Millfield and Lincoln Road that teach them new skills and bring them closer to the place they live in.

Some of the groups that young people will be able to work with include local arts group Diaspora Arts and Education, who will help them create their own piece of public art, and Up the Garden Bath, who will show them how to upcycle unused bath tubs and mattresses into garden planters.

Both of these groups are currently involved in projects to improve the city: Diaspora Arts and Education gained global attention when some street art commissioned by the charity was tweeted by Ice T, and Up the Garden Bath is working on transforming some green space in the city in partnership with the Peterborough Environment City Trust.

Mindfulness and meditation sessions will also be offered as part of the NexGen project, as well as opportunities to work with local performers.

The project, known as NexGen, will receive £3,000 from the Youth and Community Fund, currently controlled by Acting Police and Crime Commissioner, Ray Bisby. He commented: "Community First (Peterborough) is an excellent example of how effective community driven solutions can be.

"Project NexGen will provide young people living in the centre of Peterborough with a host of exciting opportunities to get involved with projects which will equip them with lifelong skills. It will also show them how their actions can shape the place they live and inspire them to become proactive community members."