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Youth Inspired award Soul happy funding to help new project

Peterborough-based group Youth Inspired has recently awarded Soul Happy funding to extend their young people's project Resilience Rising.
Youth Inspired
Youth Inspired are helping with the funding for Little Miracles (photo: Youth Inspired)

Through Integrated Communities Funding from Peterborough City Council, Youth Inspired were able to give Soul Happy essential funds to help with their upcoming project. 

The Young Commissioners Panel reviewed the application for the project and were impressed with what it had to offer to young people living in Peterborough.

Resilience Rising aims to equip young people with key life skills to help them adjust to the ‘new normal’ – resilience, mental wellbeing, leadership, confidence and problem solving.

The project is being developed by Soul Happy, a not-for-profit organisation set up with local practitioners, therapists and motivational speakers focused on community wellbeing and sustainability, with services from hypnotherapy and diet management, to transformation coaching.

Kim Coley, from Soul Happy, said: "Locally - I don’t think I have ever been so inspired by young adults rising individually and as a group together. This project (now extended due to the support of Youth Inspired) is truly bringing people together in new and healthier ways that truly supports a safe space for empowerment, wellbeing, resilience and belonging.

"As I witness this project continuing to unfold in many ways, and seeing the incredible impact is it having, I hope we can continue to co-create and typify this out to support many more in future, and continue to capture the essence of the journey and impact at the level that we see and feel it".

For more information on Soul Happy and what they do around the city, click here