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Peterborough4You continues helping care homes

Care homes have been one of the most badly-affected sectors in society across the world during the Covid19 pandemic - and one Peterborough-based project has now helped seven of them across the city.
Photo: Community First Peterborough

Peterborough4You was set up in April to help homes during the crisis, and one of those to receive several care packages was Philia Lodge care home, on Eastfield Road, which had reported seven deaths due to COVID-19 by mid-April, with some staff even self-isolating away from their family and staying at the home.

Those behind Peterborough4You heard about the tragedies, and wanted to show their support by creating care packages and making scrubs during their #care4carehomes campaign.

Sarah Louise Gee, project manager for Peterborough4You, spoke about the reaction she received when they delivered the donations on the doorstep for residents and staff.

She said: “Me and my mum were just handing out on the doorstep one by one and they were chuffed. One of the lads was excited and I said, ‘you’re the first lad, so you have the best care package’ and they were really quite emotional about it.”

Sarah and a group of 30+ volunteers began working on these making scrubs and care packages after hearing about the difficulties in care homes during the COVID-19 crisis, working with partners such as St Marks Church and Community First Peterborough.

She said: “I read on Peterborough Matters about this care home address that lost six people. So, I reached out to them and said look, you’re in my project area, what can I do to help you.”

“We are sewing scrubs, then we’ve got the shoebox appeal care packages and the letters of love including kids artwork for the elderly/carers in a care home. I’ve been writing to some of my friends who have been volunteering at care homes, they love receiving letters, photos and art.”

“The shoebox appeal means we can put anything in there that an old person or carer might like. Some people have put writing paper and pens in there, toiletries, socks, handmade gifts and treats. Anything an elderly person or carer may like or need.

“Our team of sewing ladies even made some cakes the night before the delivery Including a giant Victoria sponge, a lemon drizzle cake, buns and other sweets, treats and teas."

With the first set now delivered, Sarah is now working on the next two care home requests, and has another two also started, but wants the community to help with the project by donating.

She added: “We would like our community and care staff to reach out and refer or let us know if they would benefit from our goodies.”

“We just need people to reach out in the community and support. We do have a fundraising page, a scrub group, and designed a charity t-shirt to help raise funds, details can be found on our Facebook page, with funds raised going towards the sewing team supplies, and materials and appeal sundries, Anything left over will go towards memorial flowers for the first care home.”

To find out more about Peterborough4You you can visit their Facebook page by clicking on this link:


By Paolo Iantosca