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Poll Results: Do you think a new bank holiday in October is a good idea?

Our poll suggests that a new bank holiday in October would be a very popular idea indeed.
Is it any surprise that the majority of people agreed with the thought of a new bank holiday?

It wasn't a surprise that 67.7pc of respondents said that they thought a new bank holiday in October would be a good idea.

The UK has the lowest number of bank holidays in Europe, with eight, so naturally the people of Peterborough would like to see at least one more.

The surprising answer, then, was that more people voted against the idea of a new bank holiday than suggest it be placed in a month with better weather. 16.5pc said they didn't agree with introducing a new bank holiday at all, while 13.3pc said they'd like another public holiday but didn't think October would be best.

There were five votes for 'don't know', which I'm choosing to mean those 2.3pc of respondents have better things to think about.

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