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Poll Results: Peterborough has its say about Covid restrictions

With a complete lifting of Covid restrictions across the nation, local residents have their say on whether or not such a decision is a good one.
Covid mask. Photo: Pixabay

The lifting of Covid restrictions nationwide have prompted widespread conversations amongst the general public and scholars.

The World Health Organisation’s special envoy on Covid  told BBC Breakfast: “I’m a public health person … I would not be making promises some time in the future because, once you make a promise, it’s super hard then to change what you’re going to do – you feel you’re kind of doing a U-turn.

“This virus is constantly evolving and it’s super hard to predict where it will be – we can say where we hope we’re going to go, we can say where we’d like to go, we can say what we think we need to do to get there – but making promises that we’ll do something on a particular date, I think, is unwise.”

This sentiment was shared with Peterborough Matters with 30 per cent of voters stating that restrictions have been lifted much too early, with the pandemic still around with others (13%) expressing the sentiment that the restrictions have been lifted slightly too early. 

33% of voters expressed joy at the restrictions being lifted with half saying that such a decision should have been lifted earlier and the other half stating that this was the right timing to lift restrictions. 

A minority of voters (10%) expressed wishes that some restrictions should stay in place permanently.

Professor Andrew Hayward, a member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), who said scientists hope the “direction of travel” for Covid-19 variants is that they become less severe agreeing that the  “pandemic will end” and people will live with the virus continuing to transmit, “but causing much less disruption”.

He added: “It will tend to, I think, settle into a seasonal pattern – we may still get quite big winters of infection but not the sort of level where we can justify wholesale societal close down.

“So, I think it is genuinely an optimistic picture, but we’re still not quite there yet.”

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