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Rugby, football, festivals, and a new cafe?: A walk in Bretton (part two)

Chaz Fenner originally stood last year but elections were put off until May 2021 thanks to Covid. 
Bretton Trees
Chaz has tabled a question about some of the trees, and why they are not cut back more regularly.

But on May 6, following a long campaign of door knocking and surgeries, he was successful in Bretton - gaining 1030 votes to take a seat for the Conservatives at Peterborough City Council.

In the first of our new walkabouts series with newly elected councillors Peterborough Matters went out with Chaz for a mini-tour of Bretton, starting and ending at the Cresset via Bretton Park, the Pyramid Centre and Peterborough Lions Rugby Club. Part one of the walkabout can be found here.

Here are some of the issues discussed on that rainy Friday afternoon.


I was born in Balham in London and grew up in Walthamstow until the age of 10, and then moved up to Peterborough. I went to school at St Augustine's Primary and then Orton Longueville School and then Stanground.

I lived in Fletton, got married. We had two kids. My wife wanted to move to Yaxley which we did for four years, but I didn't like it - too cliquey. So we moved to White Cross in Bretton where we are now.  

I got involved in the parish a few years back. It takes so long to get things done in parishes. You have an idea and have to take it to council, so that's a month.

Then it goes to debate, and if it needs money it's got to go to finance. That's two months. If they agree it it goes back to full council - that's another month.

On Bretton Water Park

There was all the hoo-hah that Bretton Water Park would be gone. (There was previously speculation that it had been threatened with closure due to a lack of funding, and failed to open last year because of health and safety issues)

I said that would never happen, from the off - why would the council want to get rid of that?  In the magazines and flyers and certain pages it said I had saved it - I never said that at all.

Cllr Chris Burbage brought down Cllrs Fitzgerald and Allen to a meeting at the rugby club, and they said the same thing. People try to twist things and make others look bad.


Bretton grafThis building is due to be cleaned up in the summer - the garage nearby is due to be turned into a cafe, with tables and chairs on the path. Chaz is keen for those who like street art to put it to good use on underpasses rather than on buildings. By John Baker

The parish council has started free bulky waste collection again. This month they're doing it a month in the north, then a month in the south of Bretton, to clear the backlog.

This year Bretton Festival will be virtual, as things needed to be planned a year in advance. It's normally a really good day when it's not raining. I can't do it this year like last year as my daughter's getting married.


Covid memorialThe Covid Memorial Garden, Bretton. By John Baker
This sign at the Covid memorial garden, funded by the parish council, has been placed higher up a tree, as an original plaque was stolen.

It's just a little something from our local resident Tom Brown. Me, Scott and Chris have put him forward for a Civic Award.

We as Bretton Conservatives put him forward. He's done that, he looks after the Community Centre as well.


Tom Brown 2. By John Baker

One of the guys, Stuart Cave, runs Peterborough FC, and he's all for the rugby club fencing off one pitch to make it safe.

They've been given permission by the city council to do that but have been accused of land grabbing - but the community can use it at any time by booking through the club.

He would like to fence some of it, and possibly use Crofts Corner as a changing room, if he can get a grant to get all that done up.

No-one loses out - when there's no football there will just be a small fence to stop dogs going on there. We just want what's the best for the whole of Bretton.

We have Women's American football here training - it's a little jewel that needs a TLC.  Before every game Stuart does litter picking on the pitch, and picks up dog mess. I'm backing him 100%.


Bretton standThe new stand is taking shape at Peterborough Lions. There is a hope that the nearby tennis courts can be reinstated, which was a condition when the applicant, Andrew Moore gained planning permission in 2019. By John Baker