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ARU Peterborough opens its doors this September and you could #BeTheFirst to study here!

2022 marks an exciting year for Peterborough, as the City’s first university, ARU Peterborough, will open its doors to students in September.
Artists impresison of how the university will look 2
Artist's impression of side of Peterborough University. Photo: CPCA

The new state-of-the-art facility will deliver degree courses that have been co-developed with regional employers, so there’s a real focus on employability after graduating. Are you, or someone you know, interested in starting a degree?

If you want to join a university this September the deadline for UCAS applications is fast approaching, as you’ll need to submit your application by January 26. Does applying to university seem daunting? Don’t worry, there’s help available! Here’s an overview of the process:

What’s UCAS and how do I apply for university?

UCAS is the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service that processes all student applications for UK universities - if there’s a university you want to go to, you’ll go through the UCAS website to apply. Once registered with UCAS, students with UK or EU settled/pre-settled status can apply for a full-time undergraduate degree - you can apply for up to five courses and/or university choices, which you’ll list in preferred order from 1 – 5.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on submitting your application

1) Go to UCAS Apply

2) Choose 2022 entry and select ‘Go to your hub’

3) If you haven’t already, register your details and create an account

4) Complete all application areas:

a. Buzzword for your school/college, or workplace if you are a mature student

b. Personal details

c. Support needs

d. Completed qualifications

e. Pending qualifications

f. Paid/voluntary employment

g. Personal statement

h. Payment (there’s a small fee for each application)

You will be able to submit your application once all these sections have been completed. Your application will then be sent to your school/college/workplace, so they can fill in a reference. Once submitted, you can track the progress of your application through the UCAS Hub Track.

Applying to university can seem like a big step, but if you need help with your application and you’re currently a student, you can ask your school/college and they should help you prepare.

If you’re thinking about joining ARU Peterborough and you would like to know more about applying, please get in touch with and our dedicated team will guide you through the process.

To find out more about ARU Peterborough, please visit