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'We are all together'- New Year message from the Lithuanian community

A New Year message from the city's Lithuanian community for 2022.
Snieguolė  an inspiring voice for Lithuanian community in the city

Snieguolė - otherwise known as Snow - started a new life with her husband and her 16-year-old daughter in Peterborough four years ago. Her older one, who is 22, lives in Lithuania.  

Since moving to the city, she has worked in the retail industry including the Amazon warehouse while also picking up shifts in other departments.  

Last lockdown, she was very busy, supporting the struggling families from the Lithuanian community and also offering assistance to domestic abuse victims. 

She is an inspiring voice for Lithuanian community in the city. Here’s a new year message from her on behalf of the wider community: 

"Lithuanians in Peterborough and around the UK became closer this year. Not only closer to each other, but to other Communities too!  

"During 2021, we definitely could feel the sense of the Community spirit. We had so many things to do (and we did!) together.

"We realised that we are not alone and nobody is alone during these challenging times, because we are here - all together - different backgrounds, different cultures, different faiths! Let's carry on doing good things in Peterborough, for Peterborough and for us in 2022.  

"I hope that Peterborough Matters will remain being our friend and partner for the long years ahead."