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Charities launch workshop to support victims of honour-based abuse

Peterborough charities are coming together to raise awareness of honour-based abuse and forced marriages. 
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Workshop to train people in supporting victims of forced marriages and honour-based abuse in Peterborough

Peterborough Council for Voluntary Service’s (PCVS) Domestic Abuse Forum, in collaboration with Community First, have co-sponsored an upcoming Karma Nirvana workshop this month. 

PCVS’ Domestic Abuse Forum was set up to develop and maintain a consistent approach to supporting domestic abuse survivors in the city.

They have teamed up with Community First to fund training aimed at supporting volunteers and frontline workers across Peterborough who deal with honour-based abuse and forced marriage issues, giving them the necessary tools to help victims and their families. 

Karma Nirvana is an award-winning charity that was established in 1993 by Jasvinder Sanghera, which supports victims and survivors of Honour Based Abuse and Forced Marriage via their national helpline. It is the only helpline that provides specialist support to both male and female victims, survivors and professionals who seek help and guidance on the issues of forced marriages and honour - based violence.

It was survivors of forced marriages and honour-based violence that pioneered the helpline nationally in 2008 sharing their experiences on a national platform to the world. 

Karma Nirvana provides education through training, including seminars, conferences and workshops. They are also part of the National Forced Marriage working group and regularly lobby with MPs on these issues. 

Helen Walkinshaw from Community First, who chairs PCVS’ Domestic Abuse Forum, said: “It has become apparent from discussions within our forums that there is a real need locally to equip professionals with the tools necessary to allow them to support victims and survivors of honour-based abuse and forced marriage.

"We wish to raise awareness of the devastating impact that this criminal activity causes to both the victim and families involved and provide the training and guidance that professionals need to provide effective advice and support needed to make a real change” 

The training will take place online on Monday, September 20, from 10am until 11.30am.

No prior knowledge is necessary and there will be an opportunity to ask questions on the day, and follow up as necessary with Karma Nirvana.

Initially the training is aimed at PCVS’ forum members but if you are interested and would like to attend contact