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Local martial arts club announces major changes in the new year

Stronghold BJJ announces a location change as well as affiliation with internationally recognised Axis BJJ

The club, which has skyrocketed in popularity amongst the local community, will be moving to a new location as well as being affiliated with the Axis Brazilian Jiu Jitsu UK team. 

Axis Jiu Jitsu is a worldwide organisation with its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan and has branches all over the world such as in Christchurch in New Zealand as well as an academy located in Cambridge.

The Cambridge branch is spearheaded by head coach Phil Yeomans who himself has spent many years living and training in Tokyo, Japan under renowned instructor Takamasa Watanabe who himself earned his black belt under the tutelage of the godfather of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Rickson Gracie. 

Phil's instructor - Takamasa Watanabe - is one of the rare black belts to have been directly promoted by Rickson Gracie. Supplied
Phil was awarded his black belt by Takamasa Watanabe, the founder of Axis Jiu Jitsu. Supplied

This makes Coach Phil as one of the rare few to descend from the Rickson Gracie Lineage.

Coach Phil has held the highest rank of black for more than a decade sporting an extensive record of competition success winning gold in more than 13 elite level competitions including the Rickson Gracie Cup Black Belt competitions where he became a three time gold medal winner. 

Coach Phil taking gold at the Rickson Gracie Championships in 2010. Supplied

Alongside the tutelage of Coach Phil, one of his own students, Brown Belt Zehmir Hussain will be at the gym on a regular basis. 

Zehmir is accredited in his own right winning Gold at the IBJJF Europeans as well as a Bronze at the IBJJF World Masters held in Las Vegas.

IMG_4084 2
Student of Phil, Zehmir Hussain winning gold at IBJJF Europeans. Supplied


Anees Hussain, founder of Stronghold BJJ says: "The acquisition of two elite level coaches into our local martial arts scenes is an exciting move and adds an even higher level of credibility to the skill and potential we have within the city and hopefully it will entice more people to get involved."

These changes will occur after Christmas, so in the meantime the group will be running their old schedule in the same location as before. 

To keep up to date with the developments as well as information on how to join follow the club on Instagram