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How Posh is partnering with clubs to give back to grassroots

Peterborough United have joined in partnership with several grassroots clubs from the city and surrounding areas for the 2020/2021 season.
Seven clubs have been announced as local partners of Peterborough United (Photo: Adobe Stock)

The seven local clubs that have become partner clubs for Posh are:

  • Netherton United FC
  • Kings Lynn Elite
  • FC Polonia
  • Peterborough Blues
  • Nene Valley FC
  • Club GK
  • AFC Stamford

The partnership aims to build strong and lasting relationships with local football clubs. It will create opportunities for players and staff members at partner clubs, through integration with the qualified coaches and sports science team working at Peterborough United. Continuing Personal Development (CPD) events will be hosted by Posh staff across all dimensions of the game, and there will also be access to fixtures with academy age groups and clubs will be entered into a yearly partner tournament.

Fostering connections with local grassroots teams means that when a talented player is scouted, there are fewer barriers to recruitment.

Sam Gaughran, head of academy recruitment at Peterborough United, said: "We started the partner clubs in 2019/2020 season and we are building on this to continue it into the 2020/2021 season. Already this season we have had one CPD event where David Webb spoke about recruitment and his experiences working at some of the top clubs in England.

"We have also fulfilled fixtures against some partner clubs showcasing their talent against our academy age groups. Every partner club selects a Partner Club Manager who I work closely with and through this we managed to sign eight talented players last season and this season into our academy age groups."

Any clubs interested in finding out more information about becoming a partner club, should contact Sam Gaughran at