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Princebuild pledge £2,500 towards Tommy Robson statue

A statue in memory of Tommy Robson is being organised by the Posh Independent Supporters Association (PISA 2000), with an initial donation of £2,500 already made by Princebuild.
Posh legend Tommy Robson passed away at the age of 76 (Photo: Terry Harris)

In a statement posted to social media, PISA said: "After discussions with the family of Tommy Robson it has been agreed that a statue at his home for over 50 years, London Road Stadium, is a fitting way for not only all POSH, but the people of the city to remember this lovely man.

"We as an organisation are happy to take on this project and know that we will do so with the support of the other supporters groups and also the club.

"Obviously, under the present circumstances this is an undertaking that will not be straightforward, but there is so much love for Tommy in and around this city that we know we will all be successful in what we want to achieve."

Discussions about which image should be used for the statue are taking place with Tommy's family, and a website and Facebook page will be launched soon, along with a fundraiser to raise money for the project.

Coronavirus restrictions may mean that face-to-face committee meetings and a launch night aren't possible, but PISA pledged in its statement to keep everyone in the loop regarding progess and future plans.

Princebuild has already pledged £2,500 to kick-start the fundraising, with director Jonathan Pudney saying: "This would be without doubt a fitting tribute to a loved and admired POSH legend. 

"The directors at Princebuild Ltd realise the amazing work your team did raising funds for the Chris Turner statue, something that clubs with far larger fan bases have been unable to achieve. We also realise that you are yet again taking on a mammoth task to raise the funds required to put up another statue -- but we are convinced that you will achieve this, knowing the love that our amazing fan base had for Tommy and the generosity of all concerned. 

"To kick-start the fundraising, Princebuild Ltd would like to pledge an initial donation of £2,500 towards this wonderful project. I look forward to discussing this with you soon and on behalf of all at Princebuild Ltd we would like to pass our condolences and kindest regards to Tommy's family."

The Chris Turner statue outside the ground was unveiled in 2017, after two years of hard work and collaboration from fans and businesses across the city.