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Wrestling Club is multicultural hub in centre of Peterborough

Peterborough’s first and only wrestling club is a multicultural haven within the heart of Peterborough’s migrant community.
Wrestling Club Members
Members of Futuwwa Wrestling club standing side by side

Originally founded four years ago by Zahid Masaud and Tokeer Tufail as part of the Futuwwa initiative, the club based at Gladstone Park Community Centre has become a major success, becoming affiliated with the British Wrestling Association.

“Our affiliation with such an organisation really shows how far our club has come within such a short period of time,” said Zahid.

“Within this timeframe we have also actively worked to acquire National Champion coaches such as Lyubo Kumabrov as well as helping our local youngsters gain valuable coaching badges”

Action shot
Wrestlers working on technique drills 

Muhammad Hussain, 20, is one of the recipients of those qualifications

He said: “I started four years ago when it first opened during that short period of time, I went from knowing nothing about the sport of wrestling to competing and winning competitions as well as earning my level 2 coaching badge and being a part of Team GBs wrestling team”

“I’ve learnt so much from being here not just in regards to wrestling but applicable life skills because it keeps me active and physically healthy but also works as a major stress reliever and coming off of a global pandemic, I think it will be super beneficial to most people”

“I teach the youngsters and we get children as young as two years old coming in taking part learning skills - and most importantly having fun”

Wrestling Coaches (From Left to Right): Nicky Roger, Lyubo Kumbarov, Justin Carter, Muhammad Hussain 

Mehdi, whose youngest son George trains there, had nothing but positive things to say about the club. “

Bringing my five-year-old son George here has helped him gain confidence outside of the mat and has provided him with so many friends at the club.

“Wrestling itself does not generally have positive connotations, as in most people's minds the moment you say wrestling, people automatically think fighting.

"But at such a young age it is not about that - it's about the physical benefits the sport provides as well as the confidence it gives him and the camaraderie it provides”

The club has attracted people from far and wide with 18-year-old Adam James regularly travelling all the way from Bourne in order to train at the club.

He said: “I train MMA in Bourne and my friend recommended it to me.”

“I enjoy training with experienced coaches such as Lyubo and everyone here is so welcoming and it’s a good place to have fun and learn with people from so many backgrounds and ethnicities. I recommend it to anyone to come and give it a go.”

For more information email or visit the groups Instagram or Facebook