A 10-year-old boy from Peterborough has been chosen to join the UK Sailing Academy (UKSA) on the Isle of Wight. 

James B Rayment, who is homeschooled and has ADHD, has progressed well thanks to personalised one-to-one learning and activities, leading him to participate in a specialised course at UKSA.

His adventurous learning curriculum has included engaging in sailing sessions provided by Peterborough Sailability, a local organisation dedicated to making sailing accessible to all.

Through these sessions, James is advancing through the RYA's Sailability and Powerability syllabus.

Peterborough Matters: James Jr and his veteran mentor James HopgoodJames Jr and his veteran mentor James Hopgood (Image: Peterborough Sailability)

His mentor, James Hopgood, co-founder of Peterborough Sailability, said: "It's great to have James junior with us and to see such a young man progress at the speed he is, is wonderful.

"The trip to UKSA will provide him with some great experiences. We certainly need more talented youngsters like James coming through the ranks.”

Peterborough Matters: James B. Rayment is representing Peterborough James B. Rayment is representing Peterborough (Image: Peterborough Sailability)

Lee B. Rayment, James' father and an influential figure in the charity sector as editor of the national Charity Today publication and founder of UK Charity Week, has also shared his thoughts on James' journey.

He emphasised how the combination of one-to-one academic learning, participation in Scouts, karate, and various water-based activities, including sailing and swimming, is nurturing James' confidence and growth.

He said: “The unwavering support from family, his mentors, and the sailing community is instrumental in nurturing James’ confidence.

"This kind of opportunity with UKSA not only symbolises the inclusivity of the sailing community but also serves as an inspiration to others facing similar challenges. 

"Through his journey, with sailing, karate, scouts and other activities, I'm continually reminded that education should not be a one-cap-fits-all process.

"I'm just pleased my wife and I identified this and were willing to make it work.

"With the right nurturing and support around you, we can all overcome obstacles and achieve great things.”

James himself said: “I’m excited and nervous at the same time. But yes, I can’t wait!”