A Cambridgeshire charity is urgently appealing for support to help children who look after a parent, brother or sister who is ill or disabled as the service now faces closure. 

As children start to go back to school, some will be facing pressures and stresses that many adults would struggle to cope with. 

Children who are caring for a family member may get in trouble at school for being late or not completing homework, be exhausted during the school day, and miss out on after school activities and clubs. 

Over recent years, Caring Together has helped these children and young people across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough by providing groups for them to attend, days out and other support for the family. 

The charity also works with schools to set up support groups so the needs of the children are better understood and provides trips in the school holidays so they can have valuable time off being a carer and make new friends. 

However, the funding for this has come to an end and urgent support is now needed for these children and young people to continue to get the help they need. 

Chief executive at Caring Together, Miriam Martin, said: “Young carers can face huge demands, but their role often goes unnoticed. It is vital they are given the help and support they need. 

“Returning to school means they may be sitting in lessons worried about the person they look after and what is going on at home. 

“There will be young carers trying to get homework done alongside doing the cooking, washing up, or cleaning. Their caring role may include getting someone washed and into bed, administering medication and doing the food shop.” 

She added: “Having a break and the right support are essential. If you can help by donating or are part of a company or organisation that can give your support to young carers, you will be making a massive difference.” 

The funding previously provided by BBC Children in Need for Caring Together’s work with young carers in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough has now ended. 

The charity’s current support for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough children who are carers will stop early in 2024 unless the funding is provided from individuals’ donations, companies and other organisations, enabling this to continue. 

If you canhelp young carers in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough please go to caringtogether.org/back-to-school-appeal or email fundraising@caringtogether.org